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Principal Purchases of Sub & Non Performing Notes NPN’s

BroadLeaf Investments LLC. is a privately held investment firm that is a principal buyer of 1st position liens, most favorable to residential. We also purchase selected commercial & multi family.

Across the United States BroadLeaf actively pursues performing, sub performing, modified, scratch & dent, and non performing promissory paper. We buy owner direct bulk pools or “one off’s” nationwide. Sell your real estate secured “non-payer” IOU’s to us.

We purchase to benefit our own portfolio, on larger acquisitions, join with very few but highly active reputable pre-selected affiliates.

With a fair asking price for the quality of product we can quickly close the acquisition.

We discreetly work with Individuals, private equity firms, hedge funds, banks, credit unions, title companies, attorneys are our clientele.

Our mission is to offer the highest possible market price, quick Due Diligence review & fast smooth closing from single note of a “owner financier” to “large pool of non performers.”

Looking forward to closing transactions. Call us now!

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