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Owner Financing A Cash, “Life Raft,” In A Financial Emergency

Owner Financing Cash Life RaftDear home seller,

If you’re selling your home using owner financing.

1. Construct your owner financing package be a personal cash, “life raft,” in a financial emergency.

2. If you haven’t sold your home yet, let an active note investor give you suggestions on structure your owner financing package so it’s attractive to today’s demanding investors. I help you achieve maximum lump-sum cash value of the income stream you are about to create. Even if you don’t intent to ever sell the cash flow, structure it so it is sellable is very prudent, available if you should ever need a large chunk of cash.

3. I can Cash you out, all / part of your home equity position in as little as One month after selling your home.

4. If you’ve owner financed in the past, old rules do not apply. The federal government now oversees all owner financing transactions.

Call me now for a free,” investor ‘s point of view consultation.”

John McEnroe